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Employment Litigation Practice

Sorondo Rosenberg Legal, P.A. represents clients in cases involving unpaid minimum wages, unpaid overtime and other unpaid wage claims.  The Firm also represents clients in cases involving wrongful termination and hostile work environments including whistleblower, sexual harassment and discrimination claims based on race, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, pregnancy, and disability.

What sets us apart from other attorneys is that we do not believe that one-size fits all.  Each client's case is unique and requires a thorough understanding of the facts and circumstances.  We educate ourselves and conduct any necessary research so that we can provide our clients with the best representation possible. 

It is important to the Firm that our clients are comfortable and that they have a clear understanding of their case.  We keep clients updated on their case status and walk them step by step through the litigation process.  

The Firm also represents businesses who want to take a proactive approach to making sure they are in compliance with the law.  We assist with human resource issues, hiring and firing decisions and implementing proper employment procedures. 

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